Outstanding citizen of the week

Outstanding citizen of the week

Please send us the name of someone in our community, Canon City, Florence, Penrose, you feel goes above and beyond life expectations. (Waiter, teacher, policeman, neighbor...)

We will be sending one person, a week a flower arrangment for the next year for their 'acts of kindness'

Please submit your candidate suggestion of the form below, with a brief description on why you feel they deserve the bouquet of the week!

Thank you,
Colleen Marie

Stars shimmer in a blue ice sky. The moon, ever crescent shape, hangs suspended above the frozen horizon. The bare branches reach their fingers to the sky, beckoning to the warmer days to come. Our hearts and souls, locked in the embrace of winter's grasp, search for the turning point that will bring the return of warmth, of sun, of life; the point of change, when we can begin to exhale again.

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The lead Designer and owner of the Garden Wall Floral Company is Colleen Marie. She has over 35 professional years in the...